Susan Ames is an active member of the Kelowna community. She has been a member of the Kelowna South Central Association of Neighbourhoods (KSAN) for several years and has been President from 2020 to 2022. In this regard, she has shown herself to be a team leader at the same time bringing innovation and energy to those who work with her. She knows city hall well having attended and presented at numerous council meetings and public hearings where she has made written and oral presentations. She has reviewed the 2040 OCP, the various zoning regulations, the proposed water sewage plant on agricultural land on Burnes Road, and various other projects that have come before council. Susan has watched the development of the city change rapidly.

Susan also has a strong scientific and environmental background. She has a PhD in Resource Management and Environmental Studies (UBC) with a specialty in Climate Change, a MSc in Soil Science (UBC), and a BSc in Biology (Dalhousie University). Prior to moving to Kelowna, Susan worked for the mining industry developing long term mine closure and land reclamation/revegetation plans. She has carried out this work in various parts of Canada and internationally from the tropics to the arctic.

This experience and strong science background have given her a big picture perspective on the direction the current council is taking and the impacts on the social and environmental sustainability of the city.

A lot of city hall resources and community engagement have gone into the development of the new 2040 Official Community Plan (OCP). Unfortunately, even though this is a brand new policy/planning document, the current city administration and councilors are already straying from it. This is causing uncertainty in all parts of the community. Uncertainty can be extremely stressful. It also puts an extra burden on the city’s fiscal and staff resources and increases administration costs at city hall – all of which affect our taxes. The OCP should be respected for what it is intended to be.

We can have a dynamic, vibrant city that works for everyone. Susan’s vision for Kelowna is one that moves forward with changes that work for residents, the business community, and our ever so valuable tourists – changes that are based on good planning that will also be viewed with climate change, environmental, and social lenses.

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