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I would like to hear your concerns and vision for Kelowna – how we can make the city better and work better for you. I have a strong science/environmental background. I want to support our new mayor Tom Dyas and the new council. I take practical and innovative approaches to solving problems. I have strong community involvement experience and I keep a pulse on what is happening in the city. My vision is to look at what is happening in the city through an environmental and social lens. Let’s hope the new council does this, too! We need critical thinkers at the Council table so we can make the best decisions – both short and longterm!

Susan Ames, PhD, MSc, BSc

I did run for Kelowna City Council October 2022 and this brochure expresses my concerns in a nutshell. I hope this new mayor and council will turn the city around and tip the scales back to balance! Fingers crossed!